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Per la cucina il nostro più grande impegno

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The food service at Hotel Cristallo is the primary objective, so in the preparation of our menus, in addition to the passion, we combine the products of our land, grown in our garden.

Last year we started to believe in a project: the old family home in the Riccione countryside, far from the sea and the noise of summer, the big abandoned garden.

During the spring, thanks to the help of neighbours, who could not believe that a boy could still engage in the land, I started to fix, plow and plant: the Garden was being born.

The Garden of Alessandro

The idea arises from the desire to bring healthy, genuine, "zero kilometre" dishes to the tables of Hotel Cristallo Guests.

Because, it is true that "Wellness starts from the table" ("Il Benessere inizia dalla tavola")

Recognize the dishes that contain our products thanks to the indication on the menu.


Zero Km Bakery

Another project born in 2016 is the realization of homemade bread.
Pizzas and focaccia are already known products on our Buffet, they are prepared from our chef and served every day as soon as they are baked.
Since last year, bread is also an Homemade product.
2 secrets? 48H leavening and Micro filtered Water


Homemade sweets

Our cakes, pies, biscuits and plum cakes are absolutely prepared in the hotel. We always use a lot of imagination ro combine fruit and chocolate.
The apricot, cream and chocolate croissants are stuffed at the moment and you will find them fragrant all mornings. The custard is prepared by us! We have a wide selection of products for those who have food intolerances.


Party in our countryside

From the countryside to the table, a different evening immersed in nature between music, dancing and excellent cuisine.

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Garden products...

The pleasure of genuineness in your table


We prepare light and genuine buffets. Because wellness begins with good food.


We are sure of the products we bring to the table. Our vegetables and fruits are not treated with chemical pesticides.

To Choose

On lunch and dinner buffets, the dishes containing our products are well marked. Choose taste and well-being.

Km0 Products

The products on our Buffet are also low environmental impact. We produce ourselves. We cook. We serve.


The philosophy of "zero kilometre" production ensures the quality of raw materials, especially of final products.


At our Cristal 34 Lounge Bar, we organize reserved aperitifs with small snacks and cocktails.