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We are ready to welcome you

Alessandro, Maria, Giusy, Claudia, Eugenio and all staff

We are ready to welcome you for a holiday in absolute safety but also full of relaxation and fun

  • a. We will probably modify the indications that you will find below during your stay because we care about the needs of our customers in the first place, those of our staff and the measures imposed by law. We will try to do everything precisely and with commitment, and at the same time with the right relaxed state of mind that a holiday in Riccione deserves. We are sure that our "Romagnolo" approach will be the key for the success of your stay.
  • b. The room will be assigned to you upon arrival clean with specific products and machinery, Perhaps you will need a little patience because the machinery requires some technical time. A coffee and a juice for the children will be waiting for you at the bar in this case.
  • c. We will clean and sanitize your room every day, if you want to feel more comfortable, you can ask us not to let anyone into your room. We will provide you a new and clean set of towels and sheets.
  • d. We have provided guests with hand sanitizing gels and disposable gloves in all common areas and in front of the lifts. The hotel will be sanitized during the day, at regular intervals.
  • e. We would like to speed up your check in! We only ask you to let us know your estimated time of arrival so as not to create waiting times at the reception and to fill up the form in the email we will send you 2 days before your arrival, with all your data simply by following the boxes. We remind you to always have with you masks and latex gloves.
  • f. Have you forgotten your masks and gloves?
    We have created the protection kit that includes mask + gloves + sanitization and you can buy it at the reception.
  • g. We have created the spaces in the restaurant, in the lobby and on the veranda in order to ensure you the social distances required by the ordinance. We are forced to avoid our sumptuous breakfast buffet lunch and dinner! That's true... but we are ready with a new menu and a new service: TAKE OR STAY??? AND OUR APP

That's what our TAKE OR STAY is and how to book it

  • 1. Breakfast: from 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. in our dining room.
    You will have the possibility to choose what you want from the Buffet which will be assisted by our staff.
  • 2. Lunch: you can choose take away or have lunch in the comfort of the hotel.
    At the reception an in our website or thanks to the QR code, you will find a selection of dishes that you can take to the beach, to the park, or to our Cristal34 bar, if you prefer in your room. We will deliver it to you in a practical box with everything you need.
    You can book your lunch by 11.00 am and pick it up at 12.30 pm.
    Our restaurant will be open from 13.00 to 14.00 with a Light Lunch buffet, our collegues will serve you.
  • 3. Dinner: Our internal restaurant is in an elegant and refined environment with Buffet Service. Thanks to our large spaces, social distance is guaranteed! The restaurant will be open from 20.00 to 21.00 as time of entry into the dining room. The service will be Buffet and our collegues will serve you.